About Me

My name is Monica Gilbert. I have worked as a design professional for over two decades in and around the Philadelphia area. My early start included fast-paced advertising agencies before working in higher ed design. I fell in love with the non-profit world and was lead designer for The New Jersey State Aquarium. As Owner and Chief Design Officer of 7ate9 Design, I create and manage a full range of marketing and promotional projects including event materials, email communications, social media graphics, print publications, signage, infographics, presentations, logos, and brand identities. My designs have won prestigious design industry recognition, such as the Neographics Power of Print Awards, a Pepper Pot Award and Graphic Design USA awards. I was an integral cog in the redevelopment of University of Pennsylvania's current identity and I am a brand expert. 

In my spare time, you will most likely find me hiking or hanging out with my rescue dog "Bargain Basement Burt" (he was only $30 since he was in the shelter for over 30 days). I also enjoy creating watercolor paintings for friends and I am in the process of the life-long challenge of learning to speak Mandarin Chinese.